You gotta love bugs!

Hi! this is VGSR reporting progress! Last time we said we never thought the boss fight would be our first entry right?…. well, guess what, we never thought this one would be our second. Ok, so the story goes like this… we were very happy with our first entry, the boss battle scene came to […]

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The Boss battle room is done!

Now that we have finished with introductions it’s time for the fun stuff! This will mark the beginning of a series of entries about our Ninja Gaiden Stage Remake project! The first thing I want toy say is that despite all the time you spend planning your project, things can always go in a different […]

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Hi! Welcome to the Videogame Stage Remaker!! We are a small dev team (with a daily job that has nothing to do with videogames) and guess what… we want to create an original game in our free time! Yeah… like many others. So that has been going around for quite a while, we love the […]

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