Ninja Gaiden Stage Remake Gameplay

The Ninja Gaiden Stage Remake is finally done!

This was supposed to be the beginning of a series of posts related to our remake of Stage 1-1 from the original Ninja Gaiden on NES but things went on a very different road. We didnĀ“t have a lot of time to write and there were a lot of bugs that we had to fix.

But then again… it is done! This remake was the main reason we started it all, at first we only wanted to do this (Ninja Gaiden) but if you have been looking on our instagram account you may know that we are already working on a Sunset Riders Stage Remake. The two projects got a little mixed up and thats one of the reasons it took us so long to finish this one. The initial idea was to show Ninja Gaiden Remake completed, but then we thought about sharing the process (wich we did on our instagram), this right here is the final result (at least for now).

So, before we keep talking and talking lets go to the point! You can see the video right here, we hope you enjoy it! (and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel)

The video above is the first playable version of the stage. First we thought about doing a very faithful remake, so the buildings would be the same as the original game but in 3D, the enemies would explode, etc. But in the process we decided to add a couple of extra things, like the decapitation that you can see in the video. We also wanted to add extra elements to the environment to make it look better, bigger and more vivid.

So, a lot of work went into the project, the mayority of the assets are from the Epic Marketplace and other common 3d sites, certain things like specific walls or textures, the characters models were made by us (pictures from our city for textures, Blender and ZBrush for the models). The illumination was a pretty big deal, we had to care about the Lightning maps, which we didn’t know a thing about. I don’t even want to remember that stage of the process! Lol. and of course, the gameplay, the whole project was made in blueprints, no C++ for now.

In the next entry we will get a little deeper in the whole process, but for now you can go to the Download section and get the playable version of Ninja Gaiden Stage Remake! We hope you enjoy it and make sure to tell us what you think about it!


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