The Johnny Cage Style Bug

No one said it would be easy. Making a game… or remaking a game… or a stage of a game (you know what I mean), is a lot of work. We love what we’re doing… a fan remake of a beloved gem of our childhood, but!… is a lot of work. Despite being a game that’s already made, you still have to recreate assets, materials, arrange the environment, model the characters and…. Coding…cooooooding. 

I’m not a programmer so im pretty lucky UE4 has a way to avoid the coding part with the Blueprint workflow, that make things a little bit simpler… until a bug gets in your way. And don’t get me wrong, I love the process of understanding the logic and implement something that you see so clear in your mind to see the result on screen with a smile on your face (if only someone told me 10 or 15 years ago that I would enjoy this as much as I do I would never consider doing what I do for a living… but that’s another story). The thing is… bugs always get in your way, sometime they’re funny, sometime they’re a pain in the ass.

So, today I don’t want to show you the latter (because no living being wants to share the thing that hunts you at night), instead I want to show you one funny thing that happened when I was implementing the decapitation system. The first time I pressed the action button near an enemy, it spawned multiple heads all over the place but I didn’t have the chance to record it. That bug was quickly fixed, bus as the development went on I didn’t notice that if the action button was pressed again and again after the decapitation, it would keep spawning head after head out of the enemy, just like the Jhonny Cage’s fatality in the original MK.

Here you can see a short video of the bug:


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