Ninja Gaiden – Stage overview

Today we have a very special entry, the first stage of our project is completed!

It took us a longer time than we thought but it’s finally done… although we still need to work on some gameplay stuff and lightning issues, overall the stage is complete!

We took a lot of liberties in this one, at first it was really close to the original, all of the buildings where the same, there was no extra stuff. But then we felt like this particular stage had a lot of potencial to be modified, we changed the buildings, added posters, signs, then we added more assets to the streets, trash cans, papers, etc.

The stores are completely different too, we added a blockbuster and a wine store. We even put some TVs with Robocop on them, hahaha.

In order to make the stage look a little more real we took pictures from the streets of our own city and the photoshoped them to make them usable in the engine.

This is our first time making a video sequence in UE4 too, so that was completely new to us. And it was no surprise to see how easy is to put some cameras in the stage and edit the animations, i can’t believe how powerfull UE4 is.

So, this is the full video for you to enjoy:


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