You gotta love bugs!

Hi! this is VGSR reporting progress!

Last time we said we never thought the boss fight would be our first entry right?…. well, guess what, we never thought this one would be our second.

Ok, so the story goes like this… we were very happy with our first entry, the boss battle scene came to life really nice and quick. It turned out to be the first step into the journey, after that we were going to tell you all about the development of the Ninja Gaiden Stage Remake, we even thought the stage was ready for a gameplay video! Right there… in that particular moment… a bug came in, take a look:

It was the first time something so weird happened to us. We always play the stage as we build it but this time we run into that bug where you couldn’t keep going, it was like an invisible force… Oh god! A bug!! Why!!!

So… yes… we tested the game and no matter what we did, we could not get rid of that bug. First we thought it was the camera… but no. Then we thought it was the game controller… no, that wasn’t either. In both cases we debugged the code, searched all over it and found nothing. It all looked right so the last thing that could be happening was a collision.

Sometimes an asset can have a collision bigger than the the actual asset, so we fix it in the asset properties, really easy task… The thing is we didn’t know which asset was. We didn’t even know if that was the problem. So we started to look on every asset that were in the middle of Ryu’s way, no luck! Then we got a little desperate and started deleting the assets we thought could be the problem… soon, that particular part of the stage was empty… but the bug was still there!!

We couldn’t believe it, we ended up deleting almost the entire stage!.. and the bug was still there.

That’s when we realized the very last thing we did before the bug appeared was the boss fight scene (duh). So, we started looking up every asset in that scene and it turned out to be a simple poster with a very, very big collision (it didn’t even needed one!!)

So, we deleted the collision and problem solved. The good thing about this bug is that we keep learning a lot by doing this stuff, (as dumb of a bug as it was).


2 thoughts on “You gotta love bugs!

  1. I’m astonished so few people have discovered your project so far. They will after you bring out the playable version I’m sure of it. I’m a big fan of Ninja Gaiden (or Shadow Warriors as we’d like to call it in Europe) and I think the level looks fantastic. I hope you’ll nail the animations of Ryu too as this is in my opinion the key factor for the succes of the series as a whole.

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