Our Dream

Hi folks! It´s been a week since we started uploading content and we are very gratefull for all the support that you give us.

We want to talk about the process of making this Ninja Gaiden remake, but first we are going to tell you a little more about us.

We are two friends from childhood who love videogames, we used to play together when we where 10 or 12… maybe. And since then it has been like 20 or 25 years…. that’s a looot of time, a lot of things have happened but one thing hasn’t changed: our love for videogames.

That bring us back to present day, the two of us have a job and a family (and not so much free time) but we also have a dream… to make a game of our own. And with the tools that exist nowadays that dream is right in front of us. It’s hard, but when you are passionate enough things can be done!

So this project is the first step to that dream. Like we said in our first entry, we have no experience at all, but thankfully youtube is full of tutorials! so we have been learning 3D modeling, coding, etc and this is our fun way to put into practice the knowledge we have gathered… by doing some remakes.

The idea is to bring back those old arcade and console games from the 80’s and 90’s and try to make a modern take on a single stage from them so we don’t have to spend a lot of time making an entire game. since every game has it’s own mechanics, the idea of making different games is to learn new technics in the process. Then we want to give you a playable version of those stages!

We will keep uploading pictures and videos to our instagram and soon our YouTube channel will be up with a first look to the playable version of our first stage! the classic and beloved (or hated for it´s difficulty) Ninja Gaiden 1 on NES.

Please give us you feedback any time you want, on any plattform. We really need that to get better and better. And if you want to contribute feel free to contact us!


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