Hi! Welcome to the Videogame Stage Remaker!!

We are a small dev team (with a daily job that has nothing to do with videogames) and guess what… we want to create an original game in our free time! Yeah… like many others. So that has been going around for quite a while, we love the project and pretend to keep on going with it.

This other project (VGSR) was born one day in the middle of development after the idea of doing a quick remake of a stage from Ninja Gaiden 1 on NES (one of our all time favorite games of our childhood) as a way to think about something else outside the main project. It should be quicker than making an entire game from scratch, just one stage… it should take no more than one weekend… we thought…

Well, that weekend turned out to be a little more than that but it was also pretty fun. Then we said: Hey! why don’t we do a couple more? Just one stage of different old games so we can share it on youtube and let people know what we are doing (and take advantage of that by learning new techniques that can be implemented in our own main project).

Well… that sounded promising so we put ourselves into the test!! We decided to put a little more effort in each one so they can differentiate from the original games, but that wasn’t enough… something was missing…

And here we are, sharing an incomplete project… well, not quite like that. The idea is to share and document the development process from each stage. We are planning on releasing a playable version as a completion mark for each stage.

We hope you enjoy watching and reading about it as much as we do by sharing it with you and maybe you can be a part of it telling us what you think it’s going right and what can be improved.


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